Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Almost a real post today

This entire experience of Xanga announcing their pending demise has been fascinating to me.

In case I've not previously said it, the reason I have not stood up and vowed to help keep the wheels on this particular cart is because I cannot support a pay to blog model. One of the very best parts of Xanga is that it has given me the opportunity to "meet" people I would not normally meet in my daily life. A pay to blog site will not attract the same crowd, and I don't want to be on that site. I have read blogs from teenagers that just needed a place to vent and instead found friends and in some cases parental figures that have helped them, that wouldn't happen on a pay site. I have read blogs from people who are basically homeless and writing blogs from free access at the library, that wouldn't happen on a free site. Not worth it to me.

Yesterday I was sure I would move to LiveJournal to keep the Xanga feel. Today I am sure I will move to blogger. The one thing blogger has is the ability to add feeds and URL's from other sites to a reading list, including the LiveJournal sites. Now if only I could figure out some of the bugs! I'm sure blogger will undergo a significant change in the next couple of years so hopefully they'll make it easier and more beginner blogger friendly for people.

I found these pictures on my phone.
I have no idea if this is me, or someone randomly grabbed my phone. It doesn't look like me.

I tweeted this. Kohls is always an excellent source of amusement to me. What the heck are "eco dynamics" in a pair of pants? That's can't possibly actually mean anything.

The 2nd floor hallways are being renovated in our office building. I find the carpet distracting. I really like the colors. Much better than those 1st floor people got when they were renovated!


Nina Brown said... many bugs

emmybee said...

Yay! I can comment now!

I don't trust Xanga with anymore of my money.

I like the carpet/colors.

Anonymous said...

I am having such a hard time getting used to it!

Tracy Murray said...

hmmm, I wonder if there is a way for me to "tag" someone in a reply. Deb, you'll get it!

Steve Foto said...

The pic is you I can tell,sexy lips :D

Steve Foto said...

More thoughts. I wouldn't pay for xanga, I have different reasons but the same result. When I was posting almost daily there maybe yes, now no. To do it now is like donating to the "save a sinking ship" cause. I have other reasons too. $48.00 per year is not much of an issue for me, but still no.

nciteful said...

So far, I'm not convinced of Blogger's social possibilities. I'll farther into it.

Emily Britt said...

I'm pretty sure that photo is of you :-). I used to love the Xanga community, but I've gotten older and egomaniacal and have different needs. Plus, I've made other connections with folks like you and Starr and I've met Jeri in person. I love these little communities (LJ's a big one, and older than Xanga) that foster actual community and not just a place for individuals to word vomit. I do a bit of both. ;-)

Lois said...

Ah! You're here! Sad to hear about xanga, it was my first blog. Blogger was hard to get used to, but I am good with it now.