Thursday, November 3, 2011

shooo..go away..

I am really dreading today. Good news, it's my last chemo, bad news, it's chemo. The radiation is what is really making me sick, but the chemo adds a whole new level of sick to it for three or four days.

I'm ready to not feel sick anymore. I can certainly see the light on the horizon. I know this because I find myself making plans for things to do when I'm stronger. I cannot wait to be able to get strong again. Between the surgery and then the treatment it's now been four months since I've been working out regularly. It's bizarre to look at myself and see no muscle at all. I am a wuss. I stopped by the office yesterday and walked up two flights of stairs and wasn't sure I was going to make it up the last half dozen.

I really need to get out of bed now. really.

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Mad Jack said...

I'm sorry you have to go through chemo. My brother Big Mike went through it, and it is pure, undiluted misery.